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Last month was a busy one! Not only did we launch both the Okla and the Remington Collection, we also launched the new website! The feedback on both of the lines was very encouraging and makes all the hard work that much more rewarding. It inspires us to keep pushing ourselves to create the perfect pieces for each of you.

I am so thrilled with the changes we made to our website. The new landing page allows us to offer you so much more than just the pieces in our shop. We really want it to be a place you can come to find the perfect pieces for your home right alongside tips and tricks for styling them once you get them in your space. I hope you always leave our page feeling encouraged and inspired!

Maybe the biggest news of last month was that we closed on our new home! It has so many rooms and charming nooks that I can’t wait to fill.  I am feeling very inspired to create lots of new pieces for those spaces and then I can share them with you,  This month is already shaping up to be a productive one, starting with the launch of our newest collection.

Introducing The Nora Collection

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The whole team agreed that this line felt like it needed a pretty feminine name- Nora was just right. Do you name your furniture? We have to for the sake of search- ability of our furniture, but also I love the idea that the items we fill our homes with have names. We are so proud of our newest design. Keep reading to learn about Nora’s unique features.

The Details

The soft curves of the oval top in our Nora Collection pieces are perfectly balanced by the crisp lines of the flared pedestal. The simplicity of the lines in this collection are deceptive- all the angles and the curved tops were a lot of math!! A special thank you to our amazing carpenters for figuring out how to get everything to fit together in a way that made the pieces both beautiful and functional.

Stunningly Simple

The extra chunky top has a chamfered edge along the bottom edge of the table, mirrored by a more restrained chamfered edge on the top. These small details make the design feel polished without distracting from the restrained lines of the collection.

Timeless Style

The moulding along the base is a special detail and we played with a few different options. We originally tried some fluting but it felt too busy and we were worried about chipping with it resting directly on the ground. The simple horizontal line was the perfect amount of detail, feeling both timeless and modern.

Our Newest Pieces

This collection is shown in our ash wood. The flat faces of the pedestal allow Ash’s stunning grain to really be fully shown off. This collection will be available in our other wood types as well. Visit our Stains and Materials page to learn all about our different wood types and stain options.

The Nora Dining Table

The Nora Dining Table provides great flow for tighter dining spaces and especially those with a banquette set up. It makes it easy for people to move around the backside without any awkward corners getting in the way. You can sit a lot of people around the oval shape as you are able to place seating all the way around the perimeter. With it officially being spring we couldn’t help ourselves including some little babies in the pictures. These guys were so sweet and were the perfect ray of sunshine after a long winter. I miss our farm animals and am grateful we were able to find great homes for them when we left. In Tulsa we have a good-sized yard but no animals (yet!). Although we have no animal friends, the kids have absolutely loved making friends with all the kids in the neighbourhood.

The Nora Console Table

The Nora Console is a unique piece that provides a contemporary feel to your entryway or living space. The pedestal of this piece is where the natural wood really shines. It adds so much warmth and character to your home. I feel like consoles are under-utilized. I am always surprised when people don’t use consoles because I think I’ve used them in almost every room of our home at one time or another. In the entryway with a big mirror for last-minute checks before heading out the door. In the dining room for an extra serving surface. In the living room to anchor a TV or behind the sofa with lamps. Many of them even work well as narrow desks for small space solutions.

The Nora Coffee and Side Tables

The Nora Coffee Table is classic, once again the curved ends provide excellent flow in a tight space. Even if space constraints aren’t an issue in your home, the rounded ends are a great way to soften your living space if you have a lot of straight lines in your other furniture. 

The Nora side table is the perfect size for your morning coffee and a favourite book. A favourite part of my morning routine is making a cup of coffee and curling up with a devotional. Setting my heart and my family on the right path for the day. I find it so encouraging and am amazed how so often the reading for the day is exactly what I needed to hear at a specific moment.

The JE Charging Station

Our new JE charging station already feels like it is going to be a classic!  Like the Farmhouse Ladder from last month we wanted to take an old favourite, our charging station, and provide another option with a more modern aesthetic. If you follow me on Instagram you will know how much I love our raw elegance finish. It gives a rustic texture to the wood that is not only practical but adds so much charm and character. The outer shell of the charging station has our raw elegance finish and is paired with a minimalistic interior, perfect for keeping all of your devices organized and your countertops tidy! The centre lifts out which makes running the charging chords simple and allows you to hide stray papers, or even to store phones out of sight when not in use.

Connect With Us

Nothing makes me happier than seeing the pieces we have created find a place in your home. If you have pictures of Primrose pieces in your home, we’d love for you to share them with us. Tag us on social and use #primroselifestyle. We also love to know what’s on your wish list? Let us know in the comments!



The Nora Collection

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