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Spring is in full swing here! The blossoms on the trees are unreal- I wish there was a way to share with you how amazing they smell. Hmmmm… maybe I’ll have to create a candle to capture it!

 Back home on the farm I’d be in full on garden planning mode. Planting both our cutting and veggie gardens. Here in Tulsa we are getting things cleaned up and getting to know the different plants that are already planted in our yard. We did plant a gorgeous wisteria vine and I can not wait to see it fill in! My mind is already spinning with all the possibilities of the warmer climate. 

For this month’s new line I wanted to focus on simplicity. These last few lines we’ve been experimenting with some more complicated design elements, playing with more curved lines and fluting. It has been so satisfying to push ourselves but I’ve felt a shift this month. Maybe it’s more time outside in the warm sunshine and fresh air, or perhaps it’s a bit of homesickness but I have found myself craving a return to our roots. Something that feels right at home surrounded by little hands that have been out playing in the dirt all day. Something that feels simple, classic- nothing fussy.  Simple and minimal, but still special. I think we achieved that with our new Burke collection! The slim lines and the construction of the Burke line feels light and fresh; while at the same time the interlocking bridle joints on the legs of the table feel nostalgic. It is such a simple and classic detail that speaks to the expertly handcrafted construction of each piece. I hope you love these pieces as much as I do!

The Burke Dining Table

Shown in Honey on Pine
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I can just imagine this table in a quaint English cottage getting worn in from family meals; bread dough and pie crusts being worked out on the surface; fresh flowers from the garden creating a perfectly whimsical centerpiece! My favourite thing about pine is how it wears- because it’s a softer wood it allows the surface of the table to develop that beautiful patina that tells the story of the people that gather around it. Of course if that character isn’t your thing then this table can be built in our other hardwoods (ash, maple, white oak) all of which would be beautiful and won’t scratch or dent in the way a pine table will.

The raised cross bar adds to a sense of lightness while keeping the table solid and sturdy. With the way the legs are inset you don’t have to worry about tucking any chair or benches between the legs. The legs are set back far enough from the edge of the table to accommodate seating the entire length of the table.

I’m not sure if you know this, but all of our sizing is customizable so you can get the perfect fit for your space.  

The Burke Bench

This piece is a perfect compliment to the Burke Dining table, amplifying the simple farmhouse charm. This bench would be equally at home in an entryway with room to tuck boots and shoes away underneath. On a side note, we have officially started wearing shoes in the house- that is not something I saw coming, haha. In Canada we would never! I could also see the Burke Bench at the foot of the bed with a couple of sweet throw pillows on it, to soften the look (we currently have something fun in the works with Pom Pillows so keep an eye out for that!) We just added a couple of benches to the foot of each bed in our youngest girls shared room and I absolutely love the look! 

The Burke Coffee Table

The Burke coffee table is so charming. The shallow shelf is discreet and doesn’t call for styling which adds to the simple, minimal feeling of the Burke collection. It’s a great spot to tuck away remotes, devices and magazines- all the things that can clutter our coffee tables. It’s no secret that I love to style our pieces but sometimes it’s nice to be able to pair things back and have one less surface to maintain.

The Burke Console

Shown in Aged Bronze on Pine
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The Burke Console also has a shallow shelf. In an entryway I imagine it would be a great spot to place mail and maybe a small dish for keys. This piece would also make a great console to put underneath a television with the boxes placed on the shelf below. I have mentioned it before but really consoles are one of our most versatile pieces. Along with the ideas above this console would be great behind a sofa with lamps or even doubling as a small space desk. 

The Bethany Doll Bed

I love our new Bethany doll bed. No need to ask our littles to pick a favourite doll- it’s a great size to fit not just one, but two 18” dolls. I imagine our kids draping little blankets and stringing twinkle lights across the canopy to create an adorable little fort for their toys to enjoy. No doubt this image is inspired by my favourite photographer Kristy-Anne who has been posting photos of the absolutely magical fort she put up in her own home (You can find her a @kristyanneswart on instagram).

It was never the intention but after seeing it finished, we all felt this would make a really adorable pet bed for a small dog or cat. If you do use this piece for a furry friend please send us pictures!


Tell me I’m not alone in imagining the stories of how these pieces will live in the homes they find their way to? I love creating pieces that don’t just look pretty but will serve as the pieces that memories will be built around. I hope you all are enjoying the shift in focus that a change in seasons can bring- a remembering of the things that make us feel whole and at peace.



The Burke Collection

Spring is here! Here are my favourite decorating picks for May!

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