Welcome! I’m Karina, wife to Jamie, mother to five Little’s and a lover of all things beautiful.

This is my journal, filled with all things creative and beautiful; from my adventures with my kids to recipes & DIY’s.

Thank you for being here. 


Moving In

We’re settling in and it feels good.
We still don’t have a final approval for the house, but we decided to rent the house for a month before possession. It might seem kind of risky but we need to get settled, we need to find schools, we need to find a church, meet friends, and start finding a community. In another act of faith we just decided to move in and trust this home will be ours.

Here’s what we brought from Canada:
  • Half our clothes
  • Games
  • Computers
  • Suitcases
  • 1 jacket each
  • 1 pair of shoes each
  • Back packs each full of activities and games

Unfortunately, we accidentally forgot our box of extra jackets, shoes and the other half of our clothes.   We were not entirely prepared for all the weather we have experienced on our journey so far, so we’ve purchased a few things a long the way. Not a waste though, with the kids constantly growing, they would likely need new things soon anyway.
We’ve travelled with our essentials to a few different Airbnbs, but we are so excited to now be settled and start adding to our home.

Purchasing Essentials

Our first home purchase was a couch when we were in Dallas. We went to Crate & Barrel Outlet and found the perfect couch, for such a great price. It had a broken back bar we’re hoping to fix, but if we can’t we’ll  just live with it as is. We took this couch with us from Dallas to Waco to San Antonio THEN on our drive from San Antonio to Tulsa.

We made a stop at Costco as we were driving to an empty house and didn’t have anything to sleep on. We bought:

  • 2 double mattresses
  • 1 blow up mattress
  • 2 down filled duvets
  • 8 pillows

We then stopped at Target and bought some bedding we will eventually use for the guest cottage which included:

  • 2 pillows
  • A Duvet set
  • A knit throw
  • A Quilt

Between all these purchases and the throws we brought with us we all had some sort of sleeping arrangement for the first night. Most of us had sheets and we all had blankets (thank goodness!). Jame and I are used to a King mattress so going to a double was…cozy (haha).

Since then we have purchased some new chairs, we have some dishes coming, a new light fixture  ( I can’t wait to show you the fixture, it’s so pretty!!). We have a floor lamp and a rug on its way too. We’re slowly buying the things that will make our house a home and I’m excited to see it all come together!



Settling In

Spring is here! Here are my favourite decorating picks for May!

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