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January 23rd

Oklahoma City Church

As we waited on so many things to be figured out, in particular trying to figure out what home to buy, we still wanted to start making Oklahoma our life. We knew that it was really important for us to find a church to also call home. We tried a few, but they hadn’t felt like the right fit.

One Sunday we attended Oklahoma City Church.  I cried through the entire church service. No joke. As we were worshipping, I felt all my emotions I had been bottling up for far too long. I felt peace, sadness, loss. I know in so many ways this move is not loss, but it felt like loss. Our church back home was filled with our people. They were our community, our family and friends. I found some of my closest friends at our church through small groups. Walking into a new church, not knowing a soul was exciting and scary all at the same time. Truly it felt like starting over. As we were singing I could feel the Holy Spirit fill the room and I broke down. That’s the power of the Holy Spirit.

I was ugly crying and it was humbling. What we had back in Canada was comfortable, we knew everyone. Sometimes God wants to take us out of our comfort zone to stretch us, mold us and teach us to lean on Him. It’s going to require some patience for us to get to the point where church feels like family again, but I believe it will happen. The best part of it was that our kids LOVED it! They all made new friends and loved the teachers. That brought me peace and filled up my heart.

The service was so great, the pastor spoke truth, straight from the Bible. The message was all about our good Shepard, and if we’re close to our Shepard, he will take care of us. He will protect and provide for us. I have experienced this my whole life. I couldn’t imagine my life without Jesus. I have experienced His goodness and there is just no turning back!

Fast forward 2 months…..

March 23rd


I am so thankful! We found a church in Tulsa (where we ended up buying our house, so previous posts for more on that!).  We were so welcomed on our first Sunday and got plugged in straight away! It feels so good. It feels so right. Plugged in just means getting connected. The girls go to youth group every Wednesday night. I’m going to a ‘daughters’ event this Friday called Bunco night. Bunco is a game, never heard of it but I’m willing to try. I’m going to show up and meet new faces. I’m excited and nervous since I don’t know anyone! But that’s what it takes. Jamie will be going to a ‘Brotherhood’ Men’s breakfast the first Friday of every month. We are excited and ready to get connected, build community and serve in our church community. Just so thankful to find a church to call home.

Having a home church and feeling connected is so important to us. In Calgary we went to Experience Church. I thought it would be so hard finding a church we could call home because EC was just SO good, what could compare? EC has it all figured out when it comes to groups, connecting people. Woman’s event. Men’s events. Found some of my best friends there! Teaching straight from the Bible.

I HIGHLY recommend EC if you are in the Calgary area!!! It’s a growing church with amazing people & pastors ❤️




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