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Before we set out for Oklahoma City, we booked an Airbnb to stay in while we set out looking for our new home. Upon arriving, we began our house hunting journey!
We went to see so many homes, many of you followed along in our Instagram stories!  After finding some potential in a few homes,  we knew we had to wait for our bank pre-approval to come through. The house-hunting process had actually ended up being a far more exhausting process than I ever anticipated and we were all tired.  We decided to visit Dallas for a little family getaway. We hit up six flags, focused on family time and tried to take a break from the stress of trying to find a home.

When we went to Texas we actually fell in love with it. Dallas has everything, the best shopping! It is so beautiful and has endless amounts of things to do as a family. It was so great and we were open to possibly moving to Texas instead if we found the right home. Jame and I both prayed daily that God would make it so clear where he wants us to be. We knew we were brought here for a reason and I knew that he had the perfect home for us it was just a matter of time.

The evening before we were to return to Oklahoma City, we were feeling so discouraged in not finding a home we all loved. There had been many houses that could work (with a lot of TLC and Reno time) but none that gave us ‘that feeling’. Our family was sitting around the dinner table and I asked everyone, what is one thing you would love to have in our future home? Their answers were as follows:
Lincoln: A big room
Scarlett: A diving board and a big room
Ivory: A pool
Sienna: A nice kitchen and a big room
Izzy: A nice neighbourhood with lots of houses but not too close together, a pool and a secret room (what even is a secret room?)
Karina: Move-in ready, pool, guest cottage, lots of living spaces (rooms).
Jamie: Whatever makes Karina happy (haha true story, his answer) But realistically a pool, 3 car garage and a guest house.

Finding Our Dream Home

Driving back to Oklahoma after our little getaway I continued searching for a home, it seemed the houses we were interested in going to see either just received offers or had just sold. We were driving back to Oklahoma City when Jamie said “Hey, did you want to drive through Tulsa and check it out?” We had not been to Tulsa before, but I have always wanted to go, so I figured we might as well. It seemed like an incredible place to raise a family, and I had actually been eyeing up the most beautiful home there for months, but hadn’t really thought it was a possibility. Driving into Tulsa I fell absolutely in love with the rolling hills and I felt a peace. We were luckily able to find an agent that same day to show us a few homes in the area. There were 3 we decided we wanted to see, but my favourite one (the one I’d been dreaming of for months) we were set to see at 4:30pm. I can’t even explain my excitement. We rolled into the neighbourhood and I was in complete AWE! It was like something out of a movie, giant trees arching the streets, big beautiful character homes, so much space and loads of hills. We drove up to the house and I just knew I would love it, I was already so enamoured with the style of this home. The realtor met us, she was the loveliest lady, I am grateful for the doors she opened for us! As we walked through we were all in shock, it was absolutely perfect.

As Jame and I are walking through the home taking in every part of it, our kids had run through the whole thing figuring out their rooms and pulling us in all directions asking us to see their rooms and all the cool things this house has to offer. Izzy reminded me of all the requests from the kids the night before and we wondered if it would have it all. This house had EVERYTHING we all had wanted! It checked every single box, including that secret room Izzy has dreamt up. God heard our hearts, answered our prayers and we were all in complete awe! I have not felt this way over any of the other homes we toured in the US, it’s the same feeling that I got when I walked into our farmhouse in High River. I was completely in love. This home has rooms for all, dining rooms, family rooms, sun rooms, (yes multiples )it makes my heart so happy with such a big family. It has the perfect sized pool and the cutest little guest cottage so perfect for our year-round visitors ; )

It is so interesting, because our pre-approval had not come through while we were in Texas we weren’t able to look at any homes while we were there. If we had a pre-approval ahead of time we would have settled with a fixer-upper which we did not want. We want to focus on building our business here in the US, so a full renovation would really make that harder.  The timing of it all is wild. The fact that Jamie suggested checking out Tulsa…and that this ended up being the only home we were able to see there… It’s all incredible.  Everything lined up so perfectly, I’m still in complete awe. I stood in that home and I didn’t want to leave. I could imagine living in that home one day and felt it was the home God had for us.

The Purchase

We prayed and prepared an offer.

It’s an absolute dream and we are beyond grateful. We had prayed for this home, a home we could just move into and not take the time to do renovations. When we shared on our social platform we did a poll. Tulsa or OKC. Tulsa outweighed OKC. We did another poll if we should buy a Reno or a Move-in ready, and here we are moving into a home that is ready for us, all we have to do is add our personal touches to make it feel like home. Now we look forward to the next chapter of moving in, figuring out Tulsa, and beginning our life here! Stay tuned!



Our House Search

Spring is here! Here are my favourite decorating picks for May!

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