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Are you looking to spice up your kitchen with some new decor, or even do a full remodel or redesign? Well, then, you’ll need to be aware of some of the top kitchen design trends that have surfaced in 2022!

Our Kitchen

The kitchen is the only room in our new house that we want to fully renovate. We are excited to make this space beautiful. We want to create a rustic, and inviting space, using warm tones, stone, and raw wood. Were going to try and tackle this project on our own!!! Jamie is a handyman all around so I think we’ll figure it all out.

I plan to use raw, natural tones. I want to keep the kitchen light and bright with wood tones. I plan to use a light stain (or colour) for the cabinets with natural wood shelves and decor. I will use metal elements as well. Particularly bringing in gold tones for the hardware.

Read on to see what is trending in 2022 and find out how I plan to use some of these trends to design an incredible kitchen for our family.


Statement Countertops

Now, this is one of those trends that you would not be able to incorporate into your space if you are not looking to put in any more permanent or expensive work. If you are just trying to spruce up a space through interchangeable decor, for instance, looking at countertop trends may not make sense for you. However, if you are ready to make a big change, your choice of countertop can really make or break a space!

It helps you to set the kitchen’s aesthetic. Homeowners are opting to use countertop materials to help add personality to their space– it is the perfect complement to coloured cabinets. Most people are opting for quartz, marble, or granite countertops, which come in many different variations. 

Custom Organization

Another emerging trend is in relation to the organization of the space. In years past, open shelving was very trendy and aesthetically pleasing– but not always too functional! Now, what is becoming more popular is built in, specialty organizers. These can be designed to store and hide spices, pans, and even appliances.

It is becoming increasingly important for homeowners that their kitchen space is high-performance and functional, but does not sacrifice style to get there. Getting creative with the different storage and organization options in a kitchen increases the functionality and aesthetic value of the room. 

We have a big, spacious pantry I’d love to incorporate and make it part of the design. I’d love to create a highly functional storage space that compliments the overall rustic style of our kitchen.


Imperfect Finishes

Rather than the brand new look of glossy finish materials or shiny metal fixtures, many are now gravitating towards finishes that are more worn, giving off a lived in vibe. Lustrous looks are giving way to what is being referred to as understated naturalism. This exudes organic warmth and utilizes such materials and finishes as soapstone, matte ceramics, and patinated metals.

The goal is to curate a kitchen that looks as if it could have been from years past, even if it is actually brand new. However, this is not to say that the kitchen should look dated! This takes a careful balance of modern elements and colours with more well-worn finishes. The metals used in hardware and plumbing fixtures, as well as lighting fixture choices, are some of the key places you can incorporate this trend. 

One thing I’m most excited about is the brick accent wall looking into the nook. This inspiration photo reflects the warm, rustic, inviting style I’m dreaming about. We want to keep the design simple but beautiful.


Currently our kitchen has quite a bit of brick features. The stove has a beautiful brick arch, and the flooring is also brick. It’s bit much to be honest, but I’m starting to love the idea of incorporating brick into our design. I may consider doing a german schmear.

Our whole floor is also brick which is pretty BUT so incredibly hard to clean. We are going to see if the brick continues under the peninsula. If it doesn’t we need to remove it as we are taking the peninsula out. If it continues underneath I’d love to give it a thick german schmear which would smooth it out quite a bit. We still don’t have set design plans but I’m loving the direction our design is taking.

Playful Colour Choices

Colour is a great way for you to change up your kitchen without having to do a lot of construction work– such as what you would need to do if you were updating your countertops, for example. Of course, white cabinets are always in style, because they are classic, but you may want to opt for bolder, more playful colour choices instead.

These will help to add more of a punch and more personality to the space. Your colour choice does not have to be relegated to the walls or the cabinets, but could also be used for ranges, backsplashes, built-ins, or appliances! You can use colour as much or as sparingly as is best for your space and your personal aesthetic. For instance, you could use an oxblood tile for a backsplash, rather than painting the walls this colour. There are varying degrees of subtlety that can be implemented. 

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Wood Elements

Just as organic warmth is a trend that we are seeing with finishes, natural wood elements are becoming a kitchen mainstay, too. This is, in part, due to the renewed focus on sustainability and natural materials.

The trend can vary greatly– it can be seen in exposed ceiling beams or columns, and also in butcher block countertops or natural wood cabinets. The options are truly endless! Adding wood to a kitchen is also a great way to add warmth to a kitchen, especially when the wood is in deep, rich tones. Think of a marble counter vs a wood countertop. Which feels warmer and more inviting? Typically, it is the wood– though marble is sleek and clean. 

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Unique Cabinet Profiles

You may not be aware, but there is more than one style– or profile– of cabinets. Flat front and shaker style cabinets are what we typically see, and what are most popular in homes. These are also fairly timeless options. However, 2022 is bringing with it a foray into more unique cabinet profiles. These may be fluted, arched, beaded, or more!

There are two different approaches to more unique, custom cabinets. You can either choose cabinet profiles that integrate better into the style of the kitchen, or you can choose a style that stands out, like an art piece. In the past, most homeowners wanted simple cabinets, but now, we are seeing a rise in popularity of different features, like rounded edges and fluting. 

Upgraded Details

Homeowners are choosing to integrate some of the more utilitarian features of their kitchen into the overall design scheme. This helps to tie them into the space, rather than allowing the element to stand out on their own and potentially look out of place. Some examples of this are apron front sinks that are made from the same quartz as the countertop, or a statement hood on your oven range.

Instead of a utilitarian hood, we are seeing materials such as natural stone or tile being used to make the range and hood the focal point of the kitchen. It also helps to make the space look less like a commercial kitchen and more like a home. By upgrading even the most functional elements or appliances, you can imbue your space with character and personality! 

Open Concept Spaces 

This is not a new trend, but it is one that has endured over the past several years. Open concept kitchens are both more modern looking and more functional. They’re also perfect for homeowners who have big families or who love to entertain guests! Of course, having an open concept kitchen depends on the existing space that you have in your home. If your current kitchen setup is a galley setup, you may not have the needed space to work with. Remodeling the kitchen to change it to an open concept space can also be an expensive undertaking, though the results can certainly be worth it. 

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Emphasis on Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands do not make sense in every space– for example, if your kitchen is already cramped or galley style, you likely do not have the space to add in an island. On the other hand, kitchen islands are so popular because they add surface space and functionality to your kitchen. They can be used while cooking, to prep ingredients or make more room when making a complicated dish, but they can also be used as a hub for entertaining.

You can set out food or drinks here for your guests to snack on when you are having company over. Double islands are becoming popular options for those that have the space, and kitchen islands come in many different materials, colours, and finishes. 

I am dreaming of having a long, beautiful, rustic wood island in a natural tone.


Black Ranges

This trend is very specific– black ranges are becoming more common, rather than stainless steel or other metal finishes. Part of the appeal is because the black is sleek and modern. It makes the range itself look elegant, and can also make it a focal point in the kitchen space. A great way to maximize this impact to reflect the black finish in other hardware around the kitchen, like knobs, handles, and even utensils. 

Photo credit: @theryanhaus_

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the kitchen trend for 2022?

Organic warmth, wood elements, cheeky paint color choices, and lived in finishes are some of the key kitchen trends we are seeing for 2022. Homeowners are adding personality and flair to their kitchen, while still keeping it functional. 

What are the new kitchen colors for 2022?

Natural, warm colors are in for 2022. Some cool colors such as green tones and shades of blue will also be popping up a lot this year. We are also not moving entirely away from neutrals– two tone and monochromatic kitchens are still very popular, and this type of color scheme may be used for some of the previously mentioned color palettes, too! 

Are white kitchens still in 2022?

White kitchens are still in for 2022, especially if we are talking about the cabinets! A white kitchen may not be trendy this year, but it is a style choice that is classic and therefore always in style. 

Are oak cabinets coming back in style 2022?

Vintage is becoming designer, so we will be seeing a resurgence of interest in oak cabinets as these once dated trends become “cool” again. All styles and trends are cyclical, after all. Oak is also desirable because it is real wood, and it has a neutral colour, which makes it more versatile for many different kitchen aesthetics. 



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