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How is it March already?! We are feeling grateful for the blessing of being in our new home. We are still waiting patiently on our bank so we can make it official but spring is in the air and it feels so refreshing and hopeful. We can’t wait for our things that are packed away in Canada to arrive.

The Remington Collection

I am beyond excited to introduce this new Remington collection to you! I love it so much that the dining table is actually going to be our first table for our new dining room! When we lived on the farm, we would move all the new tables into our dining room until the prototypes found their homes. It was a great way for us to get photos of them to share with you all. It also gave us the opportunity to test out new wood varieties and see if there were any functional things in the design that we wanted to adjust.

We have been using the same three wood types for a long time now. (you can see more information on the qualities of our different wood types on our Stains & Materials page). Since we have been working with them for so long, we are now really comfortable with their unique strengths, different quirks and how they stain. In the past testing the new designs hasn’t been as essential, however, this time we wanted to switch it up and try a new wood variety.

White Oak

We get a lot of requests for white oak and once we knew we wanted this new design in our home, we figured it was the perfect opportunity to try it out! We are so excited to offer you this unique option!

The natural colour of the white oak is beautiful and warm without being too yellow. We’ve used a quarter-sawn oak which makes the wood a lot less volatile and prone to warping or cupping. The hardness and durability of the wood are very closely matched to our ash wood. It is a hard wood that will stand the test of time, making these investments all the more worth it!


Fluting is a detail that we’ve used on a couple of cabinets in the past and I’ve been dreaming of using it on a dining table ever since. When we saw this kitchen from fellow Calgary designers SmithErickson Designs we were inspired to pair the fluting with a chunky parson’s style leg but wanted to add a bit of a twist! The simple carving on the inside of the legs softens them and are a beautiful compliment to the fluting.

The Remington Console

The Remington console plays off the classic lines of a traditional Parsons table. The hand carved fluted front concealing a hidden drawer, the simplicity of the recess at the top of each leg, the soft curved carving on the inside of each leg; all elevate the classic lines to create an elegant and special piece.

Remington Dining Table

One of my absolute favourite subtle details on the dining table and console is the slim cutback at the top of the legs that creates an illusion that the top is slightly elevated over the base. These small details take a very classic design and make it feel uniquely special.

Remington Coffee Table

The Remington Coffee table was a labour of love. It incorporates another design element I’ve been really wanting to use. It’s oval! I love that it gives an option for those whose space needs a longer narrower shape but still want the soft edges of one of our round tables. I am already brainstorming ideas for a new oval dining table design. Not only is the top oval shape, but the skirting is too. Executing the fluted detail on a curved skirting took a lot of patience and precision but the results are stunning!

The Farmhouse Ladder

Our new Farmhouse Ladder is another piece I have been dreaming of making for quite some time. Our Heritage Blanket Ladders are one of the first pieces I ever designed for Primrose and I really wanted introduce another one that has a more rustic vintage feel.


I can’t wait to get these new pieces to our home in Tulsa and show you them in our new space! I know it will help our house feel more like a home, but it will also help you envision them in your own homes.

Thank You To Our Team

As always, a huge thank you to our amazing team back home for building and staging these new pieces! I can’t wait to see them all in person. I would love to know your favourite piece from the new collection, and also what you’d love to see next!

We’ve curated the decor pieces in this article just for you. Head to our Shop The Decor post to find out more!

All photos by Kristy-Anne Swart
Staging and styling by Cory Funk



Introducing The Remington Collection

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