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A Dream in the Making

In January 2021 we sat down with our accountant and started dreaming up what expanding to the US could look like which has always been one of Jamie’s dreams. It felt exciting but it didn’t feel like it would really happen. We shared this idea with our kids right away and they were on board and very excited.

We had planned to prepare everything needed to move to the US and expand Primrose since the process was long and there were many hoops to jump through, it was a risk. We found THE BEST immigration lawyer that helped us with everything we needed to start the process. As the months came closer, I prayed daily. My mind started preparing for what was possibly to come.

Summer arrived, and I felt myself opening up to the idea, I had a peace about this decision for our business and family. We started talking about what we would do with our home. We debated whether to rent it out or sell it. We had renovated our farmhouse to be our forever home. We poured our hearts into it so the thought of selling felt like a huge sacrifice. We really felt like God was asking us to sell it as He had an opportunity for us. All we knew was that we needed to trust him and take a step of obedience.

We met with a few realtors and just as we were going to list it, a family from our church said they wanted to come see it. Before seeing our house they had recently felt they were called to sell their home and God would provide. They planned to sell their home, saw ours, and fell in love. It literally happened that fast. They officially bought it in October and possession was set for early January. It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. That part of our story has actually been surprisingly effortless. There were still so many other stresses though, with so many unknowns as we continued to wait for answers.

Sweet Farm Memories

The Next Step

The next part was the most stressful time of our lives. Selling our home, but not knowing where we were going to move. We went back and forth a million times. We started by looking at homes, but then realized if we don’t get approved we would have a house in the US we would now need to sell. We then thought about opening a store, but realizing it would be quite difficult to do right after arriving, and so much work straight away.

After much back and forth, we decided to start with a building for a workshop. Seriously there was SO MUCH BACK AND FORTH. Then the next question was where?! If you could go anywhere, where would you go? In our minds, it was always Dallas. That’s where we were going to set up. We had our US division set up in Austin Texas so we thought being closer to the big city to set up was a great idea. Jamie and I took a road trip in November, for our first deliveries across the USA. We were hoping the trip would help us gain clarity. It was the best and longest trip but also very stressful as we were looking and praying for the perfect new Primrose location.

We went to Waco and fell in love with everything Joanna Gaines had created. We got inspired, bought a lot, and continued on our journey. We hit Dallas and went through fast as we didn’t get that feeling we were expecting of “this is it”. It felt BUSY and now thinking back I wish we would have explored Texas a little more despite not having much time. We were surprised by how many states we absolutely fell in love with. We loved Arkansas (we would still move there), Missouri, Virginia, Connecticut and a few others. I’m all about the lush greens and rolling hills. When we went to visit Oklahoma to do a delivery our customers there shared all sorts of perks that Oklahoma has to offer. We put that in our back pocket and didn’t pull it back out until we came back home and weighed the pros and cons of each of these States.

The Decision

Once we finally decided on Oklahoma we found such a great Sales guy Matt. He’s helped us find our workshop which was one of the many hurdles we had to face. This workshop is perfect for what we were looking for and a great start. We have leased it for a year and were excited to get things started. Once we had a bank account in Oklahoma and a business location we were ready to finally submit our papers to obtain our Work Visas.

The main reasons we moved to Oklahoma are:

Oklahoma is central and connected to 6 states which makes it easier for our personal home deliveries.

-Oklahoma offers 4 seasons

-Oklahoma has lush greens and rolling hills

-Oklahoma is known to be Dallas’s little brother and is often the state that gets ‘forgotten about’

-It’s Affordable

-We had heard such wonderful things about the location

-The people are so nice

-Great Churches

-Great Schools

Saying Good Bye

We decided at this point to share our big news with our following. We didn’t know what the response would be but we have been absolutely blown away by the encouragement. The support has been unreal, from texts, phone calls, messages, we knew we would be completely covered in prayer through this whole journey.

As we shared this news, we found out we were taking a HUGE step of faith, as our work visas were not 100% guaranteed to get approved at the border. We sold everything, our home, most of our clothes, all our furniture and a lot of our belongings to take this huge step we knew God wanted us to take. It was really hard, but we trusted if God was leading us here, He would carry us.

The week came before we moved, we had a come-and-go farewell party to say goodbye to our close friends. We tried to see our friends as much as we could before we left. We had multiple family gatherings to get In as much time as possible. It was the first time I was afraid of getting the Virus as we were seeing so many people. I didn’t want to get sick right before we left, especially with 5 kids. However we felt a covering over us, we felt a protection. I barely shed a tear, it just didn’t feel real, and maybe because there was no final approval yet, I wasn’t able to let it sink in.

The final day arrived. I can still remember all the feels! I have only seen Jamie cry when Isabella was born but he was in tears all day. We packed up all the last few things, got some more boxes into storage, had our last few moments in our home and said farewell. Good-Bye to our forever home. We chose to not look back, instead to look forward to what God has for us. I knew we would miss our family and friends so very much. I feel so incredibly blessed to have so many close friends that know me so well, know my heart, love me unconditionally, it’s definitely going to be hard to do life without them by my side.

The Next Chapter

We packed minimally, took two vehicles and set out on the road with our work visas. We prayed a lot, and we felt a covering of prayer over us. I’ll never forget that, the kids were praying. 3 hours later we were at the border. Jamie was in the first vehicle and hands over his papers, I’m praying in my car with the littles behind him. He gets called in. Now it was my turn, the man was very nice, I hand over my papers. He asks a few questions about the type of work visas and sends me in.

Our family goes into the waiting room, Jame and I go to the front desk. The officer is straight to the point and all business, he asks all the questions. Jamie answers confidently as I’m praying. He asks us to sit down, reviews our visas, calls the family up one at a time for fingerprints and face scans. We pay and off we go. IT COULD NOT HAVE GONE SMOOTHER. We were so grateful. Our life depended on that moment. We were quietly sitting, praying and trusting.

Driving away from the border was the best and most exciting feeling. As hard as it was driving to a new country, leaving our friends and family, church and home, we knew there was a new plan, a new adventure on the other side. And so it begins.



How It All Started

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