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Someone pinch me, I’m still in shock that we got a house! There was so much prayer and trust leading up to this moment. I feel like the last last 5 months have been full of waiting. Waiting forces patience and trust. We know this is where God brought us, the financing is still not final and so we wait.

We brought our followers along by asking on Instagram where they could see us: Oklahoma City or Tulsa; in a Reno or move-in ready. The polls said we should buy a move-in ready home in Tulsa and that’s what we did! We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Starting Over

Before we moved we made the hard choice of taking everything with us (which we knew would be costly) or selling almost everything we owned. Something about selling everything and starting over sounded exciting to me. Our possessions had been collected over time, some are from our very first home together. Although many of the things we owned were lovely and had meaning, the thought of starting again sounded exciting!

Now we are in a place where we don’t have any furniture. Absolutely NONE (haha).  Furniture shopping has been fun, but a little stressful as we’re not yet in our home and don’t know the size of furniture pieces we need for each room.  We’re hoping to measure the spaces to get a feel for the scale needed for each of the spaces we need to furnish in our home. Some pieces we will purchase, and many will obviously be Primrose pieces 🙂

The Details

Dining Room

The dining room is so amazingly large, so we can fit a very big table in there! We’re designing a new line that has the most beautiful fluting details that we’ll be launching in March.  We have the space for it, so we might as well be the first to own this gorgeous new table. Hopefully, it will be delivered to us in mid-March! Now trying to find the perfect chairs to match is a challenge, not only in terms of the design, but also in terms of finding the right tone.

We have another dining space, let’s call it ‘the nook’. It sits right between the living room and sunroom which makes it a little tricky to decide what size and shape of table will work. I’m leaning towards oval or round as I want the space to flow as you walk from one room to the next.

The Sunroom

The Sunroom is right off the pool and I envision this room to be a hang-out space for the family or the kids.  I imagine after a  long pool day they can come in, watch a movie and relax. I want a comfortable big couch but also a space where we can stage our new coffee tables. I envision some accent chairs with a big beautiful rustic coffee table that I can’t wait to design.

We have a few reading nooks that we’ll fill with big comfortable chairs, lights, and an end table. These spaces feel so unique and so I really do want to make sure I do them justice! Sometimes I wonder if I should play with some darker tones, or possibly some moody colours. It’s all such a great blank canvas to work with!

In Waiting

I’m so excited to fill this home! I need to pray for patience because I like when things happen overnight. This house is large, and it will definitely take some time, to get it all finished! I’m excited to share our journey with you, and how each room comes together.  This house feels more like home every day. Stay tuned.



House Reveal

Spring is here! Here are my favourite decorating picks for May!

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