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Shopping for a teen can be tricky! They are at that age where they would typically prefer money or gift cards, but that spoils the fun of watching them open their presents– and as gifters, money or gift cards feels impersonal.

If you are determined to buy a gift for the teenager in your life, be aware that kids at this age have their fingers on the pulse of what is hot and trending. Gifts such as tech or other trendy items will usually be high on their list.

Read on for some perfect gift ideas for even the pickiest of teens.

Polaroid Camera

Do you remember using Polaroids when you were younger, perhaps? Well, they’re back, and they’re cool again. Now, the Polaroid camera has gotten a bit of an upgrade in fresh colors with a sleeker design. The camera itself almost works as an accessory!

This is a great gift for teens– they can take it along on adventures with their friends to make instant memories, and many teens decorate their room with these polaroid pictures. It has become an aesthetic of its own. If the teen in your life already has a Polaroid camera, they would surely appreciate some rolls of film for it, too.

Innovative Board Game

There are many new board games on the market, with new concepts that are vastly different from the board games you may have played as a kid. Some of these are designed to mimic escape rooms, while others are similar to a video game or a tabletop role playing game. They allow players to explore new worlds and often require more playing time. These can be the perfect gift for the gamer teen or Dungeons & Dragons fan in your life!

Our family LOVES playing games together. Things can get pretty competitive in the Hiller household. We love a few of the classics: Ticket to Ride, Catan, and Chess!

– Karina

Makeup Fridge

It wouldn’t be a surprise if you have never heard of a makeup fridge before. These are fairly new products, designed with the idea of keeping makeup products– such as skincare products– cool. It is believed that they work better when at these temperatures. Of course, since teens have their fingers on the pulse of popular culture, they likely already know what this is and have one on their wishlist.

Makeup fridges resemble a mini-fridge and are often able to sit on a tabletop. If the teenager that you are shopping for is a big fan of makeup, or an aspiring MUA, this can be a really thoughtful gift and a way to acknowledge their passion.  

Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones are a universally popular gift, not just for teens, but for adults as well. They are offered in many different styles and at different price points, so it should not be difficult to find a pair that fits your needs or budget.

Even if your teen already has a pair, they could likely do with an upgrade to a high quality set of headphones, especially if they put theirs to use a lot. Wireless headphones are perfect for bringing to the gym, walking the dog, or just popping in at home when you do not want to be bothered!

Smart Watch

Teenagers are usually big fans of tech. A smart watch is another thoughtful gift option that you could choose for them that also does not break the bank. There are different brands that offer smart watches, and they also offer different features on the watch itself.

Smart watches can be great for the plugged in teen, who wants to be able to communicate with their friends at the touch of a button– since you can hook up a smart watch to your phone– or also for the teen who is into fitness and wants to better track their workouts. 

Gift Guide for Teenagers Smart Watch - Primrose

Online Class Membership

Getting your teen a membership to an online class does verge on gift card territory. However, it is a more thought out and sentimental gift because it shows that you have been paying attention to what they are interested in. There are all sorts of class options out there, from creative writing or filmmaking taught by the masters, to baking or cooking classes.

If you do decide to go this gift route, you will want to ensure that your recipient has a passion for learning. Since teens are still in high school and taking those classes every day, not all of them would be interested in taking another class. 

Gift Guide for Teenagers Cooking Class - Primrose

Boba Tea Kit

Another thing that is trending right now is boba tea! There are many of these tea shops popping up, and young people love it for its flavor and texture. Now, there are also boba tea kits on the market so that your teen can make their own right at home.

These come in different flavors and with everything you’ll need to get sipping– from the tapioca pearls to the boba tea straws. This can be a fun and quirky gift for the foodie teen in your life.

Gift Guide for Teenagers Boba Tea - Primrose

Frequently Asked Questions

– What is a good present for a teenager?

If you are shopping for a teen, there are many different gifts you could get for them. Try to get something on trend, such as a Polaroid camera. You should also be sure that your gift aligns with their interests, such as some of the unique new board games on the market or a virtual cooking class if they’ve expressed interest in learning the culinary arts.

– What does every teenage girl want?

Some great gifts for teenage girls include tech, like wireless headphones so that they can listen to their favorite music or podcasts on the go, and trendy items like a makeup fridge or hot air brush. There’s not a simple one size fits all answer, as everyone is different, but these are some safe bets!

– What are good gifts for 17-year-old boys?

If you are shopping for a 17 year old boy, tech gifts like a smart watch or wireless headphones can be well received. Gaming equipment can be a great gift, too! Of course, as with any gift, be sure to take into account the hobbies and interests of your recipient.



Gift Guide for Teenagers

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