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When it comes to decorating your home, the entryway can be tricky because it is usually a narrow space and limits your options. That being said, the entryway is also the window to your home and provides guests with a taste of what they can expect inside. It’s important that you choose the right decorations in order to make a good first impression!

There are some great options of wall decor that you can implement in such a space, from functional to purely decorative. Take a look at the ideas we’ve rounded up below!

Mount Decorative Wall Hooks

Rather than buying a coat tree or a coat rack, you can pick out some decorative wall hooks to mount on the wall in your entryway instead. This adds both functionality and flair to your entryway wall. These can be used for coats, hats, or purses so that you have easy access to them before you step out the door.

Check out local thrift shops or vintage markets to score some unique and artistic wall hook options. You could also look on maker sites such as Etsy or at your local furniture or hardware store if your tastes lean more modern. 

Use a Wall Covering

A wall covering refers to products such as wall decals or wallpaper. This wallpaper is not necessarily the wallpaper of days past, which is difficult to both apply and remove. Modern wallpaper comes in peel and stick options for easy application and removal.

Wallpaper and wall decals are easy ways to infuse some personality into your space by creating a statement wall. You can select a wallpaper that has a print which will offset the space well, or can use wall decals as a cheaper version of having a wall mural in the space– after all, a custom painted mural is not in most of our budgets!

Here’s an example of a before and after using wallpaper. It really softens up the room and gives it character.

Wall Coverings Before - Primrose


Entry Way Wall Decor - After Primrose


Hang a Floating Shelf

This is another great option for wall decor that is also functional. You can find floating shelves in many different sizes, styles, colours, and finishes, so there is an option for every budget and every aesthetic!

The floating shelf can function as a decorative element itself, but can also hold additional decorative items. These could vary from framed photos to potted plants to sculptural or ceramic pieces. You can also use a floating shelf as a drop zone for keys or mail when you enter your home. 

A floating shelf is especially great when you have natural light exposure on the shelf can have real plants that can sit on the shelf.

Install a Statement Light Fixture

Instead of using a table lamp on a console table, for example, you could choose to install a statement light fixture that will add personality on the wall of your entryway. This not only creates a focal point and adds some style to the entrance of your home, but it also saves space on your console table.

You could opt for wall sconces if you have a more formal vibe in your entryway, or could go for more industrial lighting with exposed bulbs if you prefer a modern vibe. 

Lighting that provides a dimmer switch is a wonderful feature. This allows you to adjust the warmth of your lighting depending on the time of day.

When I style a console table I always think lamps. They are my favourite. Once it gets dark out, my lamps come on and it makes my home feel warm and cozy.


Hang a Textile Piece

When you think of wall art, you usually think of pieces like paintings or art prints, for instance. However, there are other gorgeous and more unusual options, such as textile art and wall hangings. There are many different kinds of pieces that can be found under the umbrella of textile art.

You can choose from options like tapestries, macrame, and pieces in the style of woven rugs. These are certainly a statement piece, and the other furniture or decor in your entryway should be pared down accordingly. You’ll want your textile piece to take the forefront on your blank wall, so choose this piece of artwork first and then design the rest of the space around it.

Hang a Mirror

Mirrors can be simple decor options for an entryway. They’re great because they can help to make a space look bigger– perfect for a narrow entryway! You can find some very gorgeous and unique mirrors at vintage markets or thrift shops.

These look great surrounded by plants for a lush vibe. Alternatively, you could go the clean and simple route with unframed mirrors. You can also experiment with size by hanging one large mirror, or a few small mirrors that match in size or shape depending on how much wall space you have. 

Entryway Wall Decor - Primrose
Featured: Truss Console/Desk Photo by: Ryanhaus

Frequently Asked Questions

– What should I put on my entryway wall?

If you have an empty spot in your entryway, there are many different things that you could do to decorate the entryway wall. You could hang abstract artwork in welcoming colours, hang round mirrors, or install useful fixtures such as light sconces or decorative hooks for hats or coats.

Don’t be terrified of your blank walls, think of it as a blank canvas where you can create a space where you will feel inspired every-time you walk into your home!

– How can I decorate my home entrance?

You can decorate your home entrance based on your aesthetic when it comes to the art, furniture, or textiles that you choose. Many choose to put a bench in the entryway that has built in hooks for purses or a cubby for shoes, or they choose a console table that can serve as decoration and as a drop spot for keys. You can then choose wall decor that fits around and matches this piece. 

– How do I style my entrance?

To style your entryway, you should choose an entryway table wisely, utilizing storage if necessary but also sticking to the design theme of the rest of the home. You can add character and flair with artwork, textured or patterned floor runners, and sculptural pieces or cut flowers. Use of modern decor can really enhance your space and give it a classic touch.

Try to stick to a colour family or a colour palette that works well together for all of the pieces you choose. Anything too bold or overwhelming may make the entrance feel crowded.

If a textile piece isn’t your style, a beautiful gallery wall is another alternative. You can arrange your gallery photos in black and white to give it a classic touch. It’s a nice way to display some of your family photos, and also gives a talking piece when people enter your home.

– What do you do with empty space in an entryway?

Utilize your empty space wisely! You can select furniture such as a console table to place in the entryway, but be sure that the scale of the piece will not be too large or heavy for the designated space.

By adding a piece of furniture, you are also adding the opportunity for storage, which is especially great if you are in need of extra storage. You can use baskets underneath the table to store blankets and pillows and also if your console has drawers, you can hide some of the items you wish to not have on display, such as keys and sunglasses.

You can also choose to implement larger decorative pieces, such as a tall sculptural piece that sits on the floor, or a potted plant or tree, like a fiddle leaf fig tree or a faux olive tree.

Entryway Wall Decor - Primrose


Entryway Wall Decor

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