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I was in love with our home before we even walked through its doors. When we entered it for the first time, I fell even more in love. I  was in awe of how many rooms there were, and the number of options they provided our family. As I walked into this one space, I knew instantly that this room would be our Dining room. There were multiple other eating areas, and this space could have also been a beautiful formal Living room, but I could picture our family sitting around a giant table making memories. I envision Christmas dinners, birthdays, and hosting our friends and family. I’m so excited to show you this space!

My Vision

My vision for this space began with one of our new tables, The Remington. I imagined chairs lined up and a very large rug to create a cohesive space. The numerous shelves gives the perfect canvas to display all my favourite decor pieces. The colour of the built in threw me off and I instantly started dreaming up the different options we could paint it. My mind kept dreaming and I was thinking about adding some wood interior and wood shelving. As we moved in and decorated, I have often admired this room. The blue is surprisingly growing on me, and I’m slowly starting to love it. Not saying I will never paint it, but for now, I think I like it.

The Dining Table

When we were designing our March collection, I knew the new Remington Dining table would find a permanent spot here. It is so stunning, the lines and the fluting are the most incredible details. I am so pleased with how it looks in our space, it’s perfect! Our dining table is made of White Oak and in a Weathered finish and the size is 10’L x 44″W. 

The Dining Chairs

It took me a while to find the perfect dining chairs to go in the dining room. When I was hunting for chairs, I hadn’t decided on the stain I would use on the Remington table, so it was a bit tricky to envision what would go well with it.  I was open to upholstered chairs as it’s a formal dining room and not used as often as our everyday eating nook. In the end, I found the perfect chairs on the Target website, I also found a link on Wayfair. They arrived and they are more beautiful than I expected and I think pair so well with the table.  I love the look of having accent chairs on the ends, so I did some more searching and found these gorgeous ones at World Market, but they are also available at Crate & Barrel.


The majority of the decor we used for this room came from our Alberta Farmhouse. I love that I was able to find a place for everything I brought with me. I will likely change a few things over time as I don’t like things looking too busy, but for now, it feels great. A lot of the pieces on the shelves are Primrose products such as:

The Rug

My go-to shops for rugs are Wayfair & Ruggable. Unfortunately, Ruggable didn’t have the oversized rug I was looking for so I found this soft pattern on Wayfair and it fits so perfectly. I chose a 10’x14′ Rug as I wanted all the chairs to fit on the rug even when they are being used.


Typically I LOVE my chandeliers. As I was looking for the perfect lighting for our dining room I ended up deciding on a light that wasn’t a chandelier, which surprised even me! I feel the shelving alone is so beautiful and I didn’t want an overly fancy light to compete with it. So for now,  no chandelier.I do have some other spaces that I will be adding lighting to. I love lamps as they add decor and ambience.  There’s a blank wall I have been wanting to build a console for, and possibly in front of the large window. So many options for lamps. I find the original lighting not only highlights the shelving but the fireplace as well.

The Fireplace

I love all the fireplaces in our home. The fireplace in the dining room is original. It looks like a brown marble which I’m hoping to refinish and re-design, for now, we’re going to leave it.  I love the coziness it gives the space.

The Wall Colours

The paint colour on the walls was here when we moved in and I  still need to find the name of it because I don’t hate it! It works in many of our spaces but I would love to make each room a bit unique through the use of different paint colours and wallpaper. I do feel adding wallpaper to the Dining room would make it feel too busy as there’s so much going on with the display shelves.

The Art

I would love to add some art to this room. It could look beautiful with some framed printed art but I’m leaning towards creating a new Ivory & Stone piece that offers simplicity in a room with busier features like the display shelves. I love creating new pieces especially when I have a specific place for them to go.  I’m excited to see create something beautiful.

The Curtains

This is the last piece of the puzzle. I found some great curtains on Amazon and I’m very impressed with the quality & colour. It was hard to decide what colour I would go with as I have a lot of dark elements in the room.  Ivory was a great option rather than going with a bright white, which might have felt like too much of a stark contrast. I’m very happy with the way they turned out.

The Final Touches

This room is cozy and unique. I was able to fill it with some beautiful pieces with minimal work, and no painting. It will slowly change as I add and take away, I often rework spaces. I will also change the decor on the table seasonally.

Thank you for being here. I’m excited to share our journey as we me this house our home one room at a time.



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