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Console Table Decor Ideas

Using console tables can be a great way to save space in your home, whether you are placing it in the dining room as a bar area or in the entryway, as is more traditional for this type of furniture. They are a very versatile and functional piece of furniture, and can also add visual interest to any space. Take a look at some of the ideas below for some inspiration to decorate a console table of your own.

What Is a Console Table?

A console table is believed to have been named for the French “consolide”, which comes from the Latin word “consolidare”– to strengthen. This name was likely chosen for the console table because of the design of this piece of furniture. Generally, the original console table featured a tabletop slab that is supported– or strengthened, hence the name!– by wall brackets. Modern console tables come in many different styles, so may or may not follow this original design. 

Originally, console tables were designed and meant for hallways and foyers, which is where we typically still see them in the modern home. However, console tables have also moved into other rooms of the house, such as living or dining room areas. They are used both as space savers and decorative elements where you can stage vignettes using your favourite pieces.

Console Tabletop Decor

When it comes to decorating a console table, you’ll want to first determine where you will be placing it, as well as its practical function– if it will have one at all! Then, you are free to curate your tabletop decor accordingly.

Choose Your Lighting

Console tables are often placed in narrow or out-of-the-way spaces, and these spaces may be dark and poorly lit. Because of this, choosing lighting for your console table is important! A table lamp can effectively light the space around the tabletop and work as an anchor piece to center the rest of your console table decor around. Lighting is often overlooked, but it should be one of the first things that you think about. Depending on the size of your console table, you could choose a set of two table lamps. If your console table is small or you do not want the lighting options atop the table itself, you could also opt for something like a set of wall sconces. 

Karina’s Pick

Black Corfu Lamp

When I style a console table I always think lamps. Lamps are my favourite. Once it gets dark out, my lamps come on and it makes my home feel warm and cozy. This lamp is currently one of my top picks!

Add a Mirror

This design idea actually hearkens back to the original console tables! These were placed in foyers of manors and mansions and usually topped with some sort of mirror. This can still work in the modern home– a hallway mirror can not only add personality to the space but can also make it appear bigger or more open. It serves a purpose, too, as you can quickly check your look here before walking out the door.

You could either mount a mirror to the wall above the console table or choose a smaller option that can be placed on the tabletop itself. Another tip is to look at thrift shops or vintage markets to find a unique, one-of-a-kind mirror for this space.

Use Fresh Greenery

Plants are one of the big interior design trends right now, and it doesn’t look like they will be going away anytime soon. Incorporating live greenery into your console table design can help to make a space look more fresh, natural, and modern. You could incorporate this design element in a few different ways. For instance, you could display a bouquet of fresh-cut wildflowers in a vase, or you could set up some branches on the tabletop in an aesthetically pleasing way. Floral garlands or even potted plant options are other ways that you can bring the outdoors indoors. In a dining space, you may choose to implement fruits or vegetables– perhaps in a bowl or basket– instead. You can also find these design elements at floral shops, local markets, or even in your own backyard! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decorate a console table?

You can decorate a console table in many different ways, but you also want to be sure that your decor is balanced, to avoid making your console table look overcrowded. Some ideas are to play with the height of different objects or to choose one unique item as a focal point and then build the vignette around this piece. You can also opt for decorations that fit within a particular colour palette or are all different shades of the same colour to give a minimalist theme some depth.

What can I put under my console table?

Console tables usually have ample space underneath them, and some even have a bottom shelf, so this can be great for storage. If your console table has a shelf underneath, you can opt for a more decorative approach, with items such as potted plants– you could also utilize this as decorative storage by displaying some of your favorite books, framed by stylish bookends. If you do not have a shelf under your console table, you can use storage options such as small boxes or a trunk that fits underneath and matches the style of your console table.

What is the purpose of a console table?

A console table is a narrow table that is typically placed in an entryway or hallway, near the main entrance to a home. It provides much-needed surface space for essential going-out items such as car keys, as well as functioning as a decorative element. They can even double as bars, desks, or vanities in homes where space is especially tight. 

How do you style an entryway console?

The entryway introduces the style of your home, so be sure to choose a console table and decor that properly reflects your space’s aesthetic. You will also want to decorate this table purposefully and with more of a minimal approach, so that it looks well-curated, rather than cluttered. Choose pieces based on a theme or particular aesthetic so that everything ties together nicely. 

console decore


Console Table Decor Ideas

Spring is here! Here are my favourite decorating picks for May!

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