Simple and minimal, but still special. Meet The Burke Collection!

The kitchen is the only room in our new house that we want to fully renovate. Read on to see before photos and see some of our inspiration for our new design…

I am in love with our home. We have finished our dining room an couldn’t be more thrilled! I’m so excited to show! Read on for the reveal…

Last month was a busy one and this month is already shaping up to be a productive one, starting with the launch of our newest collection…

what size rug do I need for my bedroom

Rugs are great ways to cushion a space, especially a bedroom. Read on for more information on rugs and beds of all sizes… 

We are trying to focus on finding beautiful accessible decor items that complement our designs making it simpler for you to achieve the same look in your own homes. Here is a curated list of our favourite decor items…

Welcome! I’m Karina, wife to Jamie, mother to five Little’s and a lover of all things beautiful.

This is my journal, filled with all things creative and beautiful; from my adventures with my kids to recipes & DIY’s.

Thank you for being here. 


I love birthdays and special events but as a mother to 5 kids, it is a challenge to plan 5 unique parties a year.  I have realized through the years that it works best to rotate which kids get the more specialized party each year. Last year we did a special Secret Garden party for Sienna. […]

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Boho Enchantment - A Whimsical Birthday With Farm Friends - Primrose Blog

We had so much fun planning and photographing our Summer products. Our goal was to show you a variety of ways you can use some of our products as many of the items can serve multiple purposes. I’ve tried to include as many links as I can in case you are interested. We also have a […]

Summer at Primrose - Primrose Blog

Easter is nearly here and I am reflecting on how grateful I am for my “living hope” (1 Peter 1:3). I look forward to celebrating Easter with my family next week, and enjoying some down time…

Easter Tablescape - Primrose

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