We are on a grand adventure! We moved our family of 7 to Oklahoma from a little town in  Alberta, Canada with plans to expand Primrose to the USA.  We love and trust our team in Canada and can't wait to see what God has in store for us in the USA. 

Primrose  has always been bigger than us, we believe it is God’s dream. Follow us as we go after that dream. From renovating and styling our next home, to creating Primrose grounds, and exploring our new city. We are ready to explore and we’d love you to join us!

Family is #1 to us, and we are so excited to be on this journey together. We try to live our lives with intention, laugh often, and love generously. This is us. 

And lastly.....Coffee, Jesus & Family.  Thats what I live for.

This is us

'As for me
 and my house, we will serve the Lord' 

Joshua 24:15

Karina, has always stood by my side.  Never doubted me and always encourages me. Even when I've stumbled she has always held my hand. You want to believe you know your wife (who she is) all around, but the moment you are over your head in the water is when you really need her most. Karina has always stepped up when I needed her, never doubting me or shaming me for my mistakes. 


Jamies words about 

He has always given me butterflies, I still light up when he enters the room and I'm so grateful to do this life  with him. His love for our family & dedication makes my heart so happy.  He's the absolute hardest working guy I know. He's trusted me and my God given dreams from the beginning of Primrose and works so hard to make our dreams a reality. I adore all the memories in the making with our family, our date nights as we dream and everything in between. 

Karinas words about 


'I want to take pictures when I'm older 
Ivory has a heart of gold and is just pure sweetness.  She is kind, thoughtful and hilarious. Her little voice is the cutest, and her endless hugs and kisses are the best.


'I want to be a painter and a Mom'
- Scarlett
Scarlett has a big personality! She is very expressive, sweet, kind, helpful and gentle. She loves wearing dresses but also loves getting dirty. 


'I want to work for Primrose and be a professional football player' - Lincoln
Lincoln has such a kind and gentle heart.  He is helpful and loves being the only boy.  


'I want be a make-up artist'
Sienna is hilarious and loves being centre of attention. She cares deep, has big faith & loves hard. 


'I want to own a bakeshop'  - Izzy
Isabella is the oldest.  She is kind, has a big heart and is a big dreamer.  She has such brilliant ideas that blow us away.


Meet The Littles

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